Built by developers, for everyone.
Rings Network provides tamper-proof input, output and private communication, supports identity authentication on any blockchain, and creates a peer-to-peer blockchain parallel communication channel

Empowered by WebAssembly, run anywhere, anytime.

The nodes of the Rings network can run in the browser, on mobile devices, or in the command line, thanks to the support of WebAssembly (Wasm) technology, and it can run on any device, with support for up to 2^160 nodes.


Resilient, automated layer security

Empower your blockchain security without sacrificing crucial resources and accessibility to its members.

  • Fully benefit from scalable network effects
  • Inherently more secure than all competitors
  • More open and powerful with 0.001% downtime
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Blockchains wallet and identity supported
Transaction processing time
95%, 0.015%
Network Fault Tolerance
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Your questions, answered
What is Rings Network?
Rings Network is the communication layer of web3. It's a decentralized peer-to-peer network in browsers. A solution package targeting the next-generation Internet which includes dWeb, anonymous network traffic and private data transaction, etc.
How can I access Rings Network?
You can access Rings Network in any modern browser with a blockchain wallet. Sometimes even you don't feel it.
How can I develop on Rings Network?
Please refer to our doc, GitHub, and Discord. Everyone can host a Rings node and become a part of new open Internet.